About DailyLifeGeek

Daily Life Geek, a platform to get all technical stuff was started back in 2018, as a medium to share latest tech updates, tutorials and tech product reviews which can solve people’s problem.

We, the Daily Life Geek team are truly passionate about technology. We blindly love technology and we play with all technical stuffs. But, not every one is a tech nerd and they need help to figure out the best technical product or the solution to a technical problem they can’t solve themselves.

So, we share our daily life tech experience and necessities with everyone. That’s how the brand name Daily Life Geek came off. We try to update our platform everyday with something useful for the people.

Daily Life Geek is not an average tech blog out there, there’s something different on our platform. Because, we believe a nerd was once a beginner. It sucks when you search for a solution, but you can’t get the proper solution because of biased guidelines out there.

At Daily Life Geek, our all team members are instructed to provide the most important information at the very beginning of an article so that you can get the solution of your problem in a few seconds.

And, how do we select the best solution for you? We don’t read articles from other tech blogs and we don’t just rewrite their experience. We test a tool/app/solution several times before we publish it to our blog. Because, we always want to deliver the best solution for you.

We are totally unbiased and don’t promote any wrong product/solution to a problem just to make a little money. We share the solutions we ourselves use in our day to day life.

Our mission is simple. We want to provide every solution for all of your tech-based problems. Having doubt in choosing software? Playing a game? Buying a new gadget?Don’t worry. The DailyLifeGeek team is always with you with the best solution for your need.