If you are looking for free image hosting, most probably you have some images you want to share with the world. Maybe you are a professional photographer who wants to share his portfolio, or, you can also use these photo sharing sites to share high-quality images with anyone you want.

Most of the photo sharing sites are freemium, I mean they offer a basic plan with a handsome amount of storage, then they offer some premium plans with some advanced features. In this article, I am only covering free image hosting sites, that means only the free part of all freemium services.

1Google Photos

Google Photos, is a photo sharing service by Google, which could be used for both personal & professional usages. It’s very easy to start with Google photos, you just need to sign in with your Google account, and, you are good to go. No extra username or password needed.

Google Photos is available as app for mobile devices and you can access the web version from your browser. If you take photos mostly from mobile devices, then you can easily sync all of your photos in your Google Photos account with the mobile app.

Or, you can simply use Google Photos from your browser. If you want to create an album in Google Photos, you can do it very easily. Every image you upload to Google Photos, or every album you create is private by default. That mean’s nobody except you can view your images.

But, you can easily share a specific image from an album or a full album with a specific person or public. Google Photos will provide you a custom link for public image/album. And, the most fascinating feature of Google Photos, is that it has advanced search feature. Google Photos can read your images and instead of scrolling down, just search by any detail. To make it clear, let’s give you an example:

I uploaded the logo of my blog in Google Photos, which has Dailylifegeek written inside the image. Whenever I a search for logo or Dailylifegeek, the logo appears. It’s that simple. And, what about the storage of Google Photos? It uses the storage of your Google Account, which is 15 GB for each account.


Imgur is one of the largest free image hosting sites, which is used by millions of people like you & me. People upload their high quality image(s) on Imgur, then they share the link in many social sites like Reddit, Facebook. Imgur doesn’t break down your photos, and, you can share the image in different sizes without resizing the original photo.

Imgur allows you to generate a direct link to a custom size of an original photo, which makes Imgur one of the best photo sharing sites for sure. It’s like a social media, where you can view top images in your feed, comment on others photos. You can also create albums on different topics. You can make an album public, hidden or secret. Whenever you sign up to Imgur, imgur provides you a subdomain like . All public albums will be visible to your subdomain.

And, an hidden album is also hidden from the subdomain and account page, but you can access the album with the direct link. On the other hand, secret albums are only visible to the account owner. So, you can easily use Imgur for both personal and professional needs.

Imgur offers unlimited photo uploading, the limit of per non-animated image is 20MB and for GIF file the limit is 200MB per file. They also have a meme generator. If you love to create memes and then share with your friends, you can use Imgur Meme Gen to create a funny meme. They have some default backgrounds or you can upload your own background. After all, Imgur is a pretty good site to share your photos.make your portfolio.


Irista is a photo sharing site by Canon. Which offers 15GB of free storage, which is equal to Google Photos. Irista is very easy to use from any device you have. Either you are on a smartphone or PC, you can easily access your albums and photos. By default every album/image is private. But, you can choose which album/image you want to share with public with a direct link.

Photos uploaded to Irista is in original size and you can edit photo(s) after uploading to Irista. They have a very powerful photo editor which is very easy to use. Irista has an app for smartphones and a desktop utility tool for Windows and macOS which can automatically import images from selected folders.

You can provide the name and tags for images, so that you can easily find any particular image when by searching the name or a tag. Another interesting thing about Irista is they check for duplicate images and eliminate them. So, same image won’t be uploaded twice.

If you run out of storage, you don’t have to worry. They have plans for more storage too. You just have to upgrade your account.


Flickr is one of the most popular photo sharing sites of all time, which was specially famous for 1 TB of free storage for free. Which was really huge for a photographer to share his pictures. But, recently, Flickr was sold to SmugMug and they are making some important changes. Now new accounts can only upload 1,000 pictures on their free account. From January 8, 2019, free accounts having more than 1000 images will not be able to upload new photos.

From February 5, 2019, they will start deleting items over 1,000 limits. The deletion process will start from the oldest items. So, if you have over 1,000 images in your free your account, you have to upgrade to their Pro plan. But, 1,000 photos and videos is really huge to create a portfolio for your work.

Flickr has tons of amazing groups, where you can join and share your best captures, comment on others pic, mark any pic as your favorite. Not only groups, but also you can create your own albums, share with the people, or you can keep the album/image as private. The image quality will remain original after uploading.

You can create your own showcase with 25 of your photos in your profile, so that anyone can easily find your best captures. You can also create a gallery with other peoples photos & videos from Flickr. If 1,000 limit is not an obstacle for you, you should obviously try Flickr.


Instagram is a photo sharing community where millions of people upload their day to day life captures. Instagram could be used for any purpose. You can create a profile for business, portfolio or personal usages. Instagram is a social site where people can follow each other, upload unlimited photos and short videos for free.

Instagram also supports high quality images, but they have some resolution limitation. They support highest 1080px, if you upload a picture which has more resolution, the picture will be cropped to 1080 pixels automatically. And, if you have a lower resolution, they will increase the resolution to 1080 pixels.

So, if you capture most of your photos from your mobile phone, Instagram is a great site to share your captures with millions of people. You can easily reach a lot of people by using appropriate hashtags. But, if you are a photographer with high resolution pictures, I would suggest you to choose Irista, Google Photos or Flickr.

6Deviant Art

Deviant Art is an online community where you can upload painting, digital artwork, pictures and videos, and then you can share them with the world for free or you can sell your works . You can set price for downloading your items, or you can set a price for printing your items.

If you are not interested in selling, then you can offer your items for free, so that others can download your item. There are many professional artists & photographers on Deviant art, who created their portfolio there. They also show popular submissions of every 24 hours on their homepage.


Behance is an online portfolio site, which is owned by Adobe, is famous for show casing your photographs, illustrators, and web design. It is used by millions of photographers, graphic designers and web designers to share their previous works with the world.

You can simply create your own gallery, upload your design/picture, and share the link of your portfolio with others. Behance also shows popular submissions on their homepage so that anyone could find the top items very easily. If you want to showcase your items for professional usages, then Behance is better than others. Because, Behance is designed that way so that users can easily share their gallery with the world.


Shutterfly is a very good option for those who have been looking for free image hosting, because it has some real cool features, like you can upload photos from your Instagram profile/ Facebook profile or Google Photos, and add them to your Shutterfly project.

You can create your own albums on Shutterfly, upload as much as you can. After uploading, you can edit photos with an online photo editing tool offered by Shutterfly, beside that you can tag people, add caption, location, etc for a photo.

After creating your album, uploading your images, it’s up to you whether you want to keep private, or, share the full album or a particular image on social sites, via email or through direct link. It’s really fun to use Shutterfly. They have a mobile app for Android & iOS, so you can upload image from anywhere.

I have only one issue with Shutterfly. They support any resolution, and your picture remains original after uploading, but there is no way to preview the original resolution. To preview the original image, one must have to download the image from your shared link.


Do you need a free image hosting service, which doesn’t require sign up to upload high-quality images without losing any resolution? If the answer is yes, Post Image is a very good option for you. You can upload images from their homepage, you can select the resolution whether you want to original photo or custom resolution, and the expiry date. You can choose the expiry date or not to expire. This is more than one might needed.

One can easily upload multiple files or a single file. Whenever you upload a single file, you will get a direct link for the image. But, if you upload multiple images, Post Image will create a gallery with all of these photos and get the gallery link. From the gallery, one can view a particular image.

Everything could be done without creating user account, and there is no limitations. But, it’s pretty risky to use this site without having an account. Because, if you lose the direct link of a photo or gallery, you will lose it forever. So, it’s better to create a free user account. Then, you can upload pictures for private usages, or you can share the link with others.


If you are looking for best cloud storage for photos, Dropbox is one of the best choices. Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage for every account. If you are already using Dropbox, you might be familiar that the uploaded folders/files are private. But, you can share a folder or a particular file with everyone by creating a direct link.

Though, Dropbox is not ideal for those who needs to upload hundreds of high quality images for their portfolio, because 2 GB is not so much while Google Photos or Irista is offering 15 GB free storage, along with advanced features. For personal usages, Dropbox is pretty fine, because Dropbox offers faster uploading than many other photo sharing sites.


Imgbb is perfect for personal usages. Whenever you need to upload a high resolution image and share with others, you can Imgbb. It offers any type of pictures and highest size of 16 Megabytes. You can start using Imgbb right awaya, even without any registration.

No quality loss, nothing harder, it’s very simple. Upload your photo, get a direct link, and share the link with anyone you want. You can create a free account so that you don’t have to worry about losing the direct links. It’s free to use. And, it’s perfect for one-time use.

I am Uchchash, founder & CEO of I am a tech-nerd and spend most of my time updating this pretty awesome platform.

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