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Privacy & Policy

First of all, we suggest you read our Privacy & Policy page, you will get a crystal clear idea about the data we collect from our users and how we use & distribute them.


Daily Life Geek owns the copyright of the articles we publish on our network. They shouldn’t be copied by someone else without our written permission.

We also use some screenshots & icons of various services/products. They are owned by their respective authors. We don’t have the copyright of them. If you think we are sharing something which is your asset, contact us immediately so that we can take necessary steps.

User Content & Access

As we don’t offer public registration, you don’t have the necessity of logging in to the site. It’s only for DailyLifeGeek Staffs only. If you get caught while trying to access admin panel illegally, we will take legal action against you.

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Legal Usages

We believe that information is neutral. It has no good or bad category. It depends on our usages. If we use information for good task, we call it helpful. And, if we use an information on a bad task, we call that awful.

So, share tons of information every day and we want you to use these information only for good purposes. We strictly discourage you to use our information or platform for any illegal activity. If you do so, you will be the one and only one responsible for that.

Third Part Content

If you know about us, then you already know that we publish reviews of different tech services and product. To do so, we need to link to the third party websites in our articles. And, we do not have any kind of control over the third party sites. We don’t provide any kind of warranties regarding to third party websites. We will not be responsible for any damages occurred by third party sources. We are also not responsible for any changes on third party sources. Use them at your own risk.


We reserve the right to terminate to terminate your license to access our network even without any major notice. We can delete your profile, block or prevent your future access too.


We hold the right to change our terms according to our platform’s requirement. We will add the last updated date of our Terms of Use page.