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Torrent search engines are like any other search engines like Google or Bing. The only difference between them is Google won’t show you results from torrent sites while torrent search engines will show you results from torrent sites.

There are dozens of torrent sites out there. Some of them are insanely popular, some of them are comparatively new. But, every torrent site has some specialty. It’s tough to find all sort of great content in a torrent site.

There are so many new torrent site there and some old sites are taken down. In this situation, a torrent search engine can save you enough time. You just need to type whatever you need and you will see dozens of results from tons of available torrent sites.

Is there any difference between a torrent site and search engine?

Yes, there are some differences. A torrent site is basically a platform where uploaders can upload torrent files and anyone can download those files. On the other hand, a torrent site simply collects those torrent links from them. So, basically, a torrent search engine helps you with live torrent files link from torrent sites.

Best Torrent Search Engines of 2019

While selecting the best torrent search engines, we checked various stuffs. Such as user interface & experience, search results quality and downloading feature.


Torrentz2 is a clone version of Torrentz search engine, which went down for good. But, torrentz2 is still running smoothly and very popular among the torrent users. There are several reasons why this search engine is so popular.

First of all, it has over 61 million of torrents indexed from 84 domains, which is pretty huge and includes all popular and running torrent directories. Torrentz2 is a very fast search engine which can show you results within a second.

It’s also very easy to use this site. You can search for a torrent name. Then you will find dozens of torrent indexes in the search result. Then again, you have to choose one of the most popular link from the results. Inside the link, you there are almost a dozen sources of the torrent, from where you can download the torrent.

You can filter the search results too. You can turn adult torrent results on or off. You can find results by age, by quality, by rating or size. And, it’s ad-blocker friendly. You can smoothly use this torrent site with an ad blocker installed on your browser.

Note: mTorrentz2 is insanely popular across the world. So, it is also banned in various countries. If you can’t access torrentz2 from your location, then either it’s blocked by the govt in our country or your ISP blocked the search engine. In that case, you have to use a VPN or proxy server to access Torrentz2, or you can check other torrent search engines listed below. is an insane torrent search engine which can show search results from over a hundred torrent sites including all trusted, popular & new sites. Along with a search engine, is a perfect place where you can easily find dozens of torrent sites name & their proxies.

On their homepage, they have a graph of trending torrent search and a list of torrent categories. You can browse the categories and discover a lot of torrent sites you never knew before. search engine is a little bit different from torrentz2. It does not show results from all torrent sites at a time. You can simply choose a host site while searching for a torrent. Suppose, if you want to check if a torrent is available or not in the pirate bay, you simply select the pirate bay in the header and then you can make a search.

You can change your search settings on You can add more torrent sites in your search menu from the settings. Along with that, you can turn the proxy switch on. If the proxy switch is enabled, the search results will show links from a proxy site instead of the real site.

3AIO Search

AIO Search engine is a simply awesome place to find your desired torrent files. It is quite advanced search engine and works really faster. The user interface is fair enough and its very easy to use AIO Search.

You can select host sites list from the homepage. You can get results from all of the torrent sites or you can exclude some from your list if you want. On the search bar, there’s a drop-drown menu for selecting the search query type.

You can simply search for torrents or images, videos, subtitles, etc. When you search for something on AIO Search, it opens multiple tabs on the site. Each tabs contain one torrent site results.

It’s a time saver search engine. You can see results from your favorite torrent site very easily. Then, you can click a search result based on seeds & peers. Then, the link will redirect you to the original torrent site from where you can download torrents.


Toorgle, a torrent search engine which is pretty much inspired by google. It shows search results from 450+ torrent sites. Every search query will return thousands of search results and the loading speed is pretty impressive.

You won’t have to select or add torrent sites in the search settings. You just need to search for whatever you need, and it will show you results from all the indexed results from its database.

It’s using Google’s custom search system and its results are pretty are like Google search results. When you click on a search result, it will redirect you to the original torrent source. It has over 55 million indexed torrents, which is obviously a huge.

It’s very easy to use this site. There is no need to customize any search settings. Just make a search. That’s it.


If you are looking for a search engine which shows offers verified torrents list, then is one of the best in the market. It has over 4 million indexed torrents and all of them are verified. Verified torrents mean they are safe and does not contain any malware. is pretty different than other torrent search engines or sites. You can search for a torrent name on zooqle. You will see a bunch of results. After choosing a result on Zooqle, you have two choices. You can simply download the torrent right away from Zooqle or you can visit external sources too.

But, the only problem is not all of the torrents indexed on Zooqle has available external sources. But, as Zooqle has a rich user base, you won’t face troubleshooting while downloading something from Zooqle.


Veoble is a powerful torrent search engine which is powered by Google custom search, which is very easy to use, faster and contains real search results from top torrent sites.

The most important feature of this sit is relevancy. There is no irrelevant search result at all. When you search for a torrent file, it will show you results from torrents site only.

While searching for a torrent name, you have lots of choice. You can look for search results from all of the torrent sites or you can see site wide search results, just like AIO Search.

You can also check search results in various languages such as Spanish, German, French or Russian. Along with that, you can sort the search result by relevancy or date. After all, Veoble is simply a very good torrent search engine.


iBit is also a torrent search engine but it’s totally different than others. Instead of collecting torrent links from the active torrent sites, iBit indexes the torrent details and files from other torrent sites. So, basically you can download anything from iBit without going to any external sources.

Its homepage is decorated with trending torrents of all categories. You can also browse category wise torrents from the menu or simply search for whatever you want.

iBit is totally free and very fast. iBit search engine is daily updated with trending torrents. It collects all information and the download files from the internet so you can get everything on a single page instead of visiting third party torrent site.


XTORX is a torrent search engine which works in a very different way. Most of the typical search engines indexes links from the internet and show them on the search result. When you click on a search result, it takes you to the exact link of a website.

But, searching on XTORX is like searching on the actual site itself. When you search something on XTORX, on the search results you will see different results from tons of torrent sites. When you will click one of the results, it will take you to that site and search for that keyword you entered on XTORX. Then you can select a link from the search results and download the file.

Make sure you are safe while accessing torrent search engines

As torrent search engines will somehow redirect to you an original torrent site. And, depending on the site, it could be banned by your ISP or Govt. Though peer to peer connection (aka torrenting) is completely legal networking, but torrent sites are not legal at all.

There are tons of illegal stuffs on torrent site, that’s why in many cases accessing torrenting sites or search engines is not secure at all. Your ISP or Govt may trace torrent users and somehow you might get legal notice.

So, it’s wise to make yourself secure while accessing those torrent search engines. There are several ways to secure your privacy. But, one of the most common methods is using a VPN. You can use a premium VPN so that you can encrypt your bandwidth and your location.

Which torrent search engine works best for you? Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what is your experience. If you find this article helpful, you can share this with your friends too.

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